From time to time, I take on a request for art coaching, this is where we work together in a workshop format usually two sessions a couple of weeks apart. This can help with all your art issues from painting struggles to selling advice.

The average price for the workshop is   $ 375. For a total of 6 hours

the initial conversation is free while we figure out what type of guidance you need.

We can customize your workshop accordingly if you have a workspace, it is usually the best place to have the first conversation and start the process. If not, we can work in my studio space.

The following is just a sample of some of the things we can cover

  • Creating a body of work
  • Improving inspiration
  • Business challenges
  • Painting techniques
  • Overcoming artist block

I have decades of experience as a working artist and have personally covered most art related issues in my ongoing career, so let’s talk.


To order a commission or a custom piece of art is very easy

We meet and discuss your idea

  • We decide on a price or budget
  • We chose the medium to work in
  • Discuss the timeline for the work
  • I paint your picture

To make sure we are on track I send progress photos along the way

There is no deposit

And if you don’t like the finished piece

You don’t have to buy it

there is absolutely no risk to you

so let me know how we can produce great art together